Tips are always welcome right? Especially for bloggers it's important you think about your work routine, otherwise It will get a mess and you will posts less. What happend to me at the moment. I told you a few weeks ago that I was moving, and since I've got a lot of stuff I'm still in between houses. That means I also don't have a desk and I'm still spending a lot of time on cleaning up my old room. So like you noticed, I'm not blogging everyday anymore, for the simple reason I don't have the time to plan and don't have a nice work environement. This made me realize, again, how important it is to have an office or workdesk and a routine. So today I share with you my 10 tips for blogging effectively from home!


A study by Oxford showed the importance of  the way you dress, it effects your performance. So don't work in your pajama's or onesie. Especially when you have some important phone calls. The study showed that when you dress more formal you are also more porfessional in your work. Also important for interviews! 


Use your time in the morning for the most important tasks that day. In the morning you're always more productive than after lunch. So start your day with something else than answering you email, finding inspiration or whatever. 


Start the day with a to do list for that day. I always love to cross things off my to do list. It gives you the idea that your really doing something effectively and at the end of the day when you finished your tasks you feel satisfied.


Plan meetings for everyday. Especially when you work from home it's important to go out. So make sure you don't plan your meetings all on one day, but for example every afternoon. Conversations and people around you will give you always more energy.


And of course the tip you read a lot: stay organized. Make sure all the unnecessary stuff on your desk is gone, so you can focus on your work.


Make a time schedule. It's really important to plan at what time you're going to take a lunch or a short break. Blogging means spending a lot of time behind a screen so going out for a short walk outside is important to stay productive


Plan ahead! It will give you less presure everyday and more space for flexibility. 


Working from home is not always effectively when you're living not on your own. So when you know it will be a busy day at home, go out to a cafe or library and do your work over there. Environments where people are working will also motivate you more to work. So again, more productively.


Make sure you always bring a small book with you or that you have a note in your phone to write down ideas, things that come up or things you don't need to forget. It will really help you for times you've got less inspiration (bloggers always have).


Make sure you make a to do list with fun tasks and tasks you don't like that much. Don't start with all the fun tasks! Otherwise you will make it a hard time for yourself, some variety is important to work effectively.

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