If you're following me on Instagram you already saw my curls! And I promised to tell you more about this new hairstyle. Last week I received from Johnbeerens.com the 9-16mm intelligent digi wand curling iron by Diva. And I love this one! Like you see the 9mm gives your hair real small curls instead
of waves. First I didn't knew if these small curls look good on me but after a few hours I was used to it haha. The curling iron has 3 different heat temperatures. I used 170 and that's warm enough. The curls stay in for like days if you don't wash your hair. The only thing is that the curls become a bit fluffy and messy very fast, so don't use a brush! To get this look I took me like 15/20 minutes (I used it for the first time). I would really recommend this curling iron if you're looking for one that makes smaller curls:)

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