Well I started with a ear project! Already for a while I love piercings, not belly piercings or tongue or whatever, but earpiercings. Now I took two weeks ago a helix and two extra studs. Actually I already had for like 5 years a second stud,
but it was not done in a straight line, so ugly. It never healed, so in the piercing shop they shot  another one right above and made a new line. Looks great right! The helix was quit painful. I'm not a pussy at all but I have to say it's not a pleasant experience. But! I'm not finished, next I want another helix below and a tragus for this ear. You always hear that tattoos and piercings work addictive, and that's definitely true! However I don't want my ear to look nasty when I don't wear any studs, I have to say the hole of the helix is quit big haha. Any tips for another cool ear piercing?