Well, this is actually the first time I post some photos in bikini. From this week on Im also gonna start working out again. I did a bootcamp for a few months but due work and other projects I just didn't had enough time and energy. So, this photo is a good start to see my progress haha.

Finally it's summer! Therefore today a post sharing with you my top favorite swimwear you can find on Asos. The trend of high neckline bikinis and swimsuits is something I definitely love. But I still didn't find the perfect one. However the ones below come close to what I want. 

Right now is the perfect time to buy some new items at Asos, besides the sale you can also find some discount codes. For example you can find a 10% discount code here.

What's your opinion about high neckline bikinis and swimsuits? And which one is your favorite from the selection below? Let me know!